If you are looking for a coffee maker with a grinder that grinds beans without losing the flavor or taste, then you should not ignore “Black & Decker, CM 5000B”. It is a fully automatic programmable coffee dispenser with a grinder. It comes with quick touch programming feature that works round the clock and is always available for a fresh cup of coffee for the user. In terms of style, it displays finesse and a sleek finishing touch for the potential buyers. It is an all-in-one coffee maker that comes with all necessary specifications that a coffee maker should entail. Its backlit display renders a clear vision with regard to time and program that is chosen by the user. So, if you want to buy a coffee maker, then Black and Decker CM500B is the choice for you.


This specific model is incredible and fascinating according to its features. Functionality wise, it is capable of brewing the whole set of beans with efficient grounding mechanism in one go. This quickness is one of its highlights that attracts the user for a potential buy. Moreover, the glass carafe, coffee scoop, filter basket, and fresh brew timer makes it a super functioning coffee maker.

Control Panel:  The control panel of “Black & Decker CM500B” is fully programmable and automatic. The touch control mechanism provides the user with a quick mug of coffee at his or her behest. You simply need to touch the coffee machine and the job is finalized. The control panel gives complete command on the coffee machine by allowing you to choose different settings that range from grind to auto start.

Sneak A Cup: 
Sneak A Cup is a unique feature to this coffee machine as compared to other coffee machines available on the market. This feature allows one to take one cup in the middle of the brewing process. This is handy for those who want a have a cup of coffee instantly. However, it is recommended to put the carafe back in the machine within 20 seconds.