Why Would the Clean Light Be Blinking on a Cuisinart Coffee Maker?


A blinking clean light on a Cuisinart coffee maker indicates a cleaning process. This process will clear the machine from accumulated coffee grounds and other impurities. If you have a modern Cuisinart coffee maker, the clean light should blink for about 2 seconds and then turn off. However, if the clean light on the unit continues to remain lit for more than 90 seconds, it means that the machine is having some issues. It is not uncommon for the clean light to blink on Cuisinart coffee makers. This article will walk you through the different possible reasons and what you should do to fix the issue.

What Is a Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

Cuisinart is a popular American brand of kitchen appliances like coffee makers and mixers. The company was founded in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer. Cuisinart coffee makers come in various types like coffeemakers, single-serve brewers, Espresso machines and grinders. 

These coffee makers are popular because they provide complete control over the brewing process. You can work out the preferred strength, create a flavored beverage and add basic ingredients like grinding beans to the machine.

What Is the Clean Light on a Cuisinart Coffee Maker?

The clean light on Cuisinart coffee makers is an alert that indicates a requirement for thorough cleaning. The coffee maker’s clean light blinks for 2 seconds and turns off for another 8 seconds. This process is repeated. This type of blinking occurs when the water reservoir is empty or when there are no more grounds in the unit. This alert follows with the addition of water or grounds to continue the brewing process. 

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Clean Light Won’t Turn Off.

If the light does not go off after a couple of brewing cycles, the coffee machine might have some problems. There are three possible reasons why this might happen and each requires a different solution.

Clogged Brew Basket

One of the primary reasons is a clogged brew basket. Cuisinart coffee makers have a one-touch cleaning cycle that thoroughly cleans the unit. However, you will need to unplug it and run the cleaning cycle manually. Cuisinart coffee makers have a clean-light sign with buttons on top of the unit for a start and stop operation. Pressing these buttons should stop or resume the blinking light to troubleshoot the issue further. You may also need to unplug the unit and run this cycle manually.

Clogged Coffee Grounds

If the Cuisinart brew basket is not clogged, then the accumulated grounds are another reason for it. If the cleaning process has finalized and there are no more grounds in the unit or the water reservoir is empty, you will need to fill it up both before the clean light turns off. If the clean light does not turn off after a couple of brewing cycles, run the self-cleaning cycle. 

Dirty Filter Basket

A clogged filter that lies above the brew basket is also a factor for the non-functionality of a coffee dispenser. This filter also catches coffee grounds and other debris before they get into the coffee cup. If this filter becomes blocked, it cannot catch dirty water and can risk mold presence in the machine. 

When Does the Cuisinart Coffee Maker Need Cleaning?

One of the reasons a Cuisinart coffee maker needs cleaning is the filter basket that goes black. It reflects that the cleaning mechanism has not taken place and something is blocking the grounds and debris from falling into the filter. Also, cleaning can prevent mold from growing in the coffee maker. The cleaning cycle will only last for 10 minutes and will produce a refined and impurity-free filter.

If the Cuisinart coffee maker has a grinding feature and it has not been used in a while, chances are that some particles of grounds, plastic or metal pieces are present in the grinder that are a cause of clogging. To eliminate this problem, run a few cleaning cycles to ensure that the grinder is free from impurities. 

Pros and Cons of Cuisinart Coffee Maker 


1) Grind beans just before brewing to ensure the coffee is fresh.
2) Conical-shaped burrs that grind consistently.
3) Easy to clean and operate.
4) Grind and brew option for a fresh cup of coffee on demand.
5) Size options for every kitchen countertop.
6) Brew pause feature allows it to take a few sips during the process for a delicious cup of java. 
7) It possesses an auto shut-off mechanism. 
8) Brew strength and flavor controls provide a custom-oriented drink. 
9) Multiple temperature options available for a cold brew and hot coffee.
10) The Coffee maker can be programmed to brew at a certain time.


1) It takes a longer time than an average coffee maker to get ready and make a single serving of coffee.
2) Cannot brew hot water on the same machine (i.e., cannot brew tea).
3) No timer.
4) No automatic shutoff.
5) No active charcoal filter to get rid of coffee flavor and odors.


Cuisinart coffee makers are an affordable and great choice for making more than one cup of coffee per brew cycle. They’re easy to use and provide an even temperature for any beverage you want. The only drawback is that it takes a while to prepare and make a beverage. The clean light serves as a constant reminder that the brewing process has completed and a quick rinse in the sink will clean your coffee maker completely.

Hope the article was of good use and provided ample information about the cleaning mechanism of the Cuisinart Coffee Maker.


Q: Is Cuisinart Coffee Maker dishwasher safe?

A: Since the Cuisinart coffee maker has removable parts, it is easy to clean and move around. These parts are removable and can be placed in a dishwasher to clean. This, in turn, helps in keeping a clean kitchen. The filter can also be removed and cleaned on its own. However, this is not a unit that can clog easily. 

Q: Which is the best filter to use with a Cuisinart coffee maker?

A: The permanent filter included with the Cuisinart coffee maker is not the best choice in place of regular paper or metal. It does not work like other filters and gets clogged in quick time. The best filter to use when you are using a Cuisinart coffee maker is a paper filter.

Q: What is the best way to clean a Cuisinart coffee maker?

A: The best way to clean the coffee maker is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If the instructions are not included in the manual, they can be found on Cuisinart’s website. To clean the Cuisinart coffee maker, begin by turning off the machine. Let it cool down for a few minutes and then remove the carafe from its position. Next, pour a bit of water into the carafe and turn on the machine. Allow it to run for 2-3 minutes. After this time runs out, remove the carafe from the machine and place it in a sink or tub filled with cold water. This, in turn, will help wash out any soap residue. Repeat this process if required.

Q: What is the best way to descale a Cuisinart coffee maker?

A: There are several ways to keep the coffee dispenser working properly. It needs to be cleaned regularly so that the scale does not build up and become a bigger problem. You will have to run the machine with vinegar once a month for about 30 minutes or so. This will help with acidity levels. You can also use baking soda and other products for cleaning. 

Q: How to fix the clean light on the Cuisinart coffee maker?

A: When the clean light goes on, it is a sign that there is a blockage in the machine. This can be a piece of plastic or even some metal. If this happens, you can simply remove that item and allow it to dry up. You can run through the cleaning process again if required