Can You Make Distilled Water With a Coffee Maker?


Everyone knows that coffee can only make you sick if left out for an extended period of time. That is why many people purchase a coffee maker to help them make freshly brewed java every morning.

Coffee makers create flavored iced coffees and hot or iced mochas with ease. Some models even filter out the excess water to keep the appliance intact and functional. 
Distilled water can be used to make hot or iced beverages. It can be a great way to avoid buying expensive bottled water if you are concerned about your health.

What Is Distilled Water?

Distilled water comes from the vaporization process that occurs naturally in the air when water is allowed to evaporate over sand or charcoal at temperatures ranging from as low as 40-45 degrees Celsius. Using distilled water for your coffee is as simple as adding two teaspoons of distilled water into your coffee maker. 

Making distilled water with your coffee maker is a very simple process. One of the easiest ways to improve your coffee is to use distilled water. Pure water will give your coffee a richer and cream-oriented flavor.

Why Should Distilled Water Be Used in Coffee?

Most people use distilled water in their coffee makers because it enhances the flavor of coffee and adds vital nutrients that are beneficial for your health. Distilled water does not have any additives as they are used to make the water taste palatable. 

Distilled water is quite popular with coffee lovers as it has a neutral taste. This means that your coffee will not taste overly sweet or bitter due to the minerals.  This will enhance the rich, fresh coffee flavor. 

Difference Between Different Types of Water

Many coffee drinkers don’t know the difference between various types of water and the effect it can have on their coffee. Following are the types of water which can be used for making coffee.

Distilled Water – This is the most convenient type of water when making coffee or tea because it does not impart any flavors, color or minerals. It’s completely odorless and tasteless, making it great to consume together with coffee. 

Tap Water – If you rely on tap water for drinking or cooking, this could lead to contamination. Most people get sick because of consuming unpurified water. It’s advisable to use a filter to purify your water and remove the impurities such as pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, etc.

Purified water – This type of water is made by using a mechanical or electronic process. However, this water can still have contaminants that give it an odor or flavor. If you want to get rid of the impurities, it’s best to go with distilled water.

Filtered water – To purify your tap water, you need to use a filter. It’s the most popular household water filtration system today. Depending on the type of filter you have, it will remove more or less impurities. 

Filters can remove chemicals from your water supply, such as chlorine and other harmful substances that lead to health concerns. Using filtered water for your coffee makes it taste much better. These filters will help you get the best-tasting coffee. You can choose three types of filters: reverse osmosis, activated carbon, or sediment filters. 

Is Distilled Water Safe to Drink Every Day?

Distilled water is 99.9% pure and can be used as a primary source of clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning. It is safe to use this type of water at home for your caffeine intake. Distilled water is better than bottled or tap water because the boiling process purifies it. The boiling takes away the impurities and provides fresh and drinkable water, originally tapped from the ground. 

What Could Happen if You Consume Too Much Distilled Water?

There are no known long-term effects on health, but distilled water should be used moderately. Consuming too much water can lead to water intoxication. Water intoxication happens when you drink excessive amounts of water. You should stop drinking it and seek medical help, especially if you are underweight. 

How to Make Distilled Water in a Coffee Maker?

Pour water into a coffee maker and turn it on. The boiling water will produce distilled water once it runs through the coffee machine. This kind of water is perfect for consumption when cooking. 

Making Distilled Water With a Coffee Pot

First, fill your coffee pot up with tap water and turn the machine on. 

Next, make sure you have an unlimited water supply and wait patiently for the water to boil. 
When your coffee machine switches over to the “keep warm” cycle, pour the contents of your pot into a glass container. 

Atop the glass container, put three trays worth of ice cubes raised above the container. There should also be another container or pan under the glass container. As the warm air rises from the water and reaches the ice cubes, it’ll condensate. 

You need to keep the ice cubes raised above the container so that the condensate can be directed to a pan under the glass container. You should notice that there is no smell or taste of impurities in this distilled water. 


It’s easy to make distilled water in your coffee maker. However, the coffee maker may not be able to make distilled water because of the amount of minerals it imparts into the water. Most people prefer using distilled water when making coffee because it doesn’t alter the flavor of their drink. Distilled water is also used to clean appliances and surfaces because it is odorless, tasteless and completely pure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use distilled water to make coffee?

A. If you have a coffee maker, you can use distilled water to make coffee. However, most people prefer to use filtered water because it’s more convenient as they don’t want chemicals in their coffee.  

Q. Do I need to use distilled water for my Espresso machine?

A. You can use either tap or filtered water for your Espresso machine. Each type of water will give you a different taste.

Q. How does distilled water coffee taste?

A. When using distilled water, you’ll notice that your coffee will taste stronger. This is because the natural flavors of the coffee are preserved due to low amounts of chemicals in the water. The coffee made from this type of water is tasty because it lacks the bitter flavor imparted by other types of water.

Q. Is distilled water bad for you?

A. If you drink distilled water regularly, it’s fine. Experts don’t think that there are any risks of consuming distilled water on a daily basis. However, you need to remember that drinking too much of any type of water can lead to poisoning. To ensure that your body is well-hydrated, drink the required amount of water during the day and do not consume any excess amounts.

Q. Do you need to boil distilled water?

A. You don’t need to boil distilled water because it has already been boiled before reaching the market. Boiling it again may make the water redissolve undesirable contaminants which were removed during the distillation process.