Have You Ever Tried a Siphon Coffee Maker?

Many coffee drinkers are spoiled and have never even heard of the siphon coffee maker. But, it is an excellent alternative to other types of coffee makers. Siphon coffee makers have been around in some form or another for over 150 years! The cutting-edge Italian espresso machine to siphon coffee explores how technology has both been used and adapted to create a combination that produces highly sought-after drinks by consumers worldwide.

History of Siphon Coffee Makers

The siphon coffee makers, also called the vacuum coffee maker, were created in Germany. It was introduced to the world in 1901 and was patented by David Jackson. The first commercial brewer was said to have been brought out by the Italian Luigi de Ponti around the 1930s.

Since then, several companies worldwide have been producing devices and selling them all over the globe. Until 2001, 80% of the global market for siphon coffee makers was controlled by only two companies in Switzerland. La Marzocco and Gaggia.

How Does a Siphon Coffee Maker Work?

A siphon coffee maker and the way it works have been a subject of many debates. Many people are skeptical about the concept, but they have no idea of how it works. The basic working principle of the siphon coffee maker is quite simple.

It’s an auto-brew system with two fundamentals: a source of water and a vacuum system. The siphon coffee maker works by drawing the drink up from the bottom of the brewer. The air is trapped inside with pressure, so you have to wait for it to be poured down; this is why several additional measures ensure safe brewing. Overfilling and pouring boiling water into the brewing tool can damage your device, so be careful about them.

It is important to note that they are not available in all places as they require electricity and cannot be used if there is insufficient supply or maintenance. However, if you use an external power source and have some knowledge about it, you can choose the maker you would like to use.

While brewing with a siphon coffee maker, CO2 emissions are minimal because when water is pulled in from the source, it drips down onto the coffee grounds and creates carbon dioxide. However, it is essential to point out that there is a certain amount of time that the water will stay in the cylinder before it comes out. In general, one round serves two cups of coffee. The siphon coffee maker parts are similar to the components used in the Water Witch, which is a device that was invented in 1770 by Robert Thorne.

The vacuum system in the coffee maker uses the siphoning effect to transfer heat to water to the other side of the machine. It’s also known as the kettle or vacuum system immersed in water to heat it.
The last part of how a siphon coffee maker works, when water is moved down into the bottom of the coffee maker, it will be sent on its way through a tube to the upper chamber. The hot water from one chamber will pass through tiny holes, making sure that it drips into the bottom chamber, which provides freshly brewed coffee that is not only hot but also smooth to drink.
Ensure that you have read the instructions provided by the manufacturer for this step because they are different for each machine.

What Are the Benefits?

Before starting, you would want to know why it’s used. First of all, it can make coffee better than a French press or espresso. Secondly, no necessary skills are needed to use it, and you don’t require any special tools or equipment. All this makes it a very convenient and affordable appliance for making coffee.

Thirdly, they make an excellent cup of coffee when brewed well. Siphon coffee brewers are easy to clean, which makes them very cost-effective and convenient. Many people also love their taste, and they prefer them over other types of coffee makers.
One of the more popular ones is the French Press because it produces a richer, stronger roast with a slightly sweeter taste. In addition to that, the French Press is very versatile and can be used with any coffee beans or grains and produces a delicious French press coffee.

What Are the Disadvantages?

Although they are simple to use, there are still some features that people might need to look at to make them perform better. For instance, they require manual control when brewing with a French press because of the process.
Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t produce the same results as traditional coffee makers. For instance, drip coffee machines will yield more robust and full-bodied coffee on top of everything else. In addition to that, they’re also faster at making one cup at a time compared to siphon models.

Also, it might not be the ideal choice if you are looking for a coffee maker that will produce a different kind of espresso. Also, it might not be easy to clean after each brewing session.

Some people think there shouldn’t be any comparison of coffee from a siphon coffee maker to other brewers.
In conclusion, they’re not widely available in local stores and are very expensive when bought online.

Main Features of Siphon Coffee Makers

Siphon coffee makers have a lot of exciting features. The main components are as follows:

Full immersion extraction method
This feature means that it will extract more flavor from coffee beans and produce a very aromatic substance used as its final product. This method is similar to the traditional way of getting coffee, especially in the US or any part of Europe.

• Adjustable brew strength
You can adjust the machine to your desire at any time, which means that you can have a cold brew to drink in a short time.

• No electricity needed for operation
All you need for proper operation is a glass globe and water.

• Airtight design and the ability to withstand high temperatures
This coffee maker is well built, and it can sustain high temperatures without malfunctioning or getting affected in any way. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the coffee not being hot enough anymore.

• Clean and easy to maintain
Just rinse the globe with clean water and dry after each use. Siphon coffee makers are easy to maintain, and you can clean them in a few minutes.

• Easy to use and compact 
A complete immersion method means that all you need for brewing is a glass globe and water.

• Two-parts design
This design is also known as the moon filter. It’s very similar to the moon filter banks on which it is built. Such features help in making it one of the primary devices to use when making coffee.

Types of Siphon Coffee Makers 

There are various types of siphon coffee makers available in the market that people can use for multiple purposes. Each of the manufacturers has different styles with similar features. Some of these are as follows:

• Stovetop Design
This type of siphon coffee maker is also built to withstand high temperatures. Its main feature is that it can use hot water from the stovetop. You need to add it to a glass pot and pour it back into your machine.
The Yama Glass 8 Stovetop is one of the best siphon coffee makers on the market.

• Standalone Design
This type of siphon coffee maker is more convenient and easier to use than the others. It’s also more cost-efficient than the other types, but it does not meet all the necessary standards for a machine used in commercial settings. It’s made of two parts: The first part is a siphon chamber, and it is placed into the second part, a particular stainless steel container.
The Hario Technica 5-cup Coffee Syphon is one of the best standalone coffee makers on the market. 

Types of Heat Sources to Use for Siphon Coffee Makers

There are different types of heat sources that you can use when brewing coffee with a siphon maker, which includes the following:

• Electric Heat Source
This type is expensive and reliable because it has precise controls and more control over the brewing process. One of the main advantages is that there will be less wasted coffee because you can regulate its strength by adjusting the temperature.
This heat source is beneficial in commercial settings, where these machines are used on a large scale to serve clients throughout the day.

• Butane Burner
Butane burners are a convenient option because they eliminate the need to lubricate a stovetop or electrical appliance. It also has a safe, low heat setting that people can use for cooking and other purposes.

• An Alcohol Burner
This heat source is the cheapest and the most portable option of them all. This type of burner is small, and it is often used for siphon coffee makers.


Buying a Siphon coffee maker can be a good decision. It is a traditional coffee maker that enables you to drink coffee right after brewing it. This maker has many benefits, such as being an easy coffee maker and its hassle-free way of making coffee and other things. Due to the wide variety of models available on the market, the siphon coffee maker is considered a budget-friendly device.

If you are interested in buying one for yourself, go online or look for them in stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s or Target. We hope that our article aided in providing you with ample information.