Can You Use Instant Coffee in a Coffee Maker?


Coffee makers are convenient machines but they can’t produce coffee just by the insertion of beans. The beans have to be ground and brewed in boiled water before bringing down the mixture’s temperature for a tasty cup of java. There are three different ways to use instant coffee in a coffee maker

What Is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is a pulverized form of coffee that comes in a ready to use bottle. Unlike other coffees, instant coffees are pasty or gritty in appearance. Various companies make them compatible with their unique brewing methods. Instant coffee is prepared by mixing it with water to produce a flavorsome beverage. 

As with numerous everyday choices, people use brewed and instant coffee for different reasons. Those who don’t have enough time to boil water tend to use this product. Instant coffee can be used as an emergency drink if you are in a hurry.

When you have less time to spend on your morning routine, this type of coffee is the ideal solution. This type of coffee has a milder taste than the original medium-to-coarse ground coffee. 

The process of making instant coffee is by heating water to a high temperature and grinding the beans. The powdered form of the beans is added to water for the brewing process. Instant coffee comes in several different flavors, including hazelnut, vanilla, chai, and cinnamon. This type of coffee is often used in restaurants and traveling. It is also much less expensive than other forms of coffee.

Brewing your coffee at home is the best way to make a great cup of coffee. You can use a French press, drip coffee maker or Espresso machine.

Drip coffee makers are great because they enable you to brew large amounts of coffee quickly, and they control the strength so that you can make it as strong or as weak as you like. Espresso machines are great because they can make a single serving quickly and efficiently.

Two Forms of Instant Coffee

(1) Instant Coffee Powder 

Instant coffee powder, or instant coffee granules, are great for dissolving in water and brewing for a tasty cup of java. It comes in various flavors and can be used to brew with Drip or Espresso machines. The product has a smooth taste because the heat breaks down the production of aromatic compounds during the roasting process. Instant coffee is preferred over other forms of coffee because it takes less time to brew. However, the powder has to be stirred well to become a liquid. 

(2) Instant Coffee Syrup

Instant coffee syrup is used to add flavor. This syrup is made from the same powder but is rendered into liquid form with water and natural flavorings or ingredients. Instant coffee syrup can be used with brewers like drip or Espresso machines to brew a strong cup of coffee. The product has a rich taste because of its natural flavors and ingredients.

Can You Use Instant Coffee in a Coffee Maker?

Using instant coffee in a coffee maker is not recommended. Its taste is much milder than the coarse or medium grind. It does not blend well with the beans and water and results in an undesirable blend of coffee. There are a few other reasons as well for not using instant coffee in a coffee maker.

1) Instant Coffee Is Not Suitable For The Brewing Process

Just as the name “instant coffee” implies, it’s a convenience that is ready after you add water and boil it. Instant coffee is not suitable for making a great cup of coffee. The product is too weak to make a fluid brew. Some brands also contain chemicals that will hamper the water quality. Instant brewing coffee powders include a chemical brightener and caffeine. This may cause the taste of the coffee to become bitter or bad.

2) Instant Coffee Takes More Time To Brew

Instant coffee needs to be brewed before you can drink it. You will have to wait for the coffee to brew into a fluid, stable beverage. The brewing process could take longer than usual and the water will become tepid by the time it’s ready to drink.

3) Instant Coffee Isn’t As Strong As Brewed Coffee

Instant coffee isn’t as robust in flavor and aftertaste as the brewed ones. It doesn’t have the same flavor as regular coffee. You will be disappointed if you try to use instant coffee in a coffee maker. It doesn’t deliver the rich taste of a strong brewed coffee. For a strong cup of coffee, you’ll have to brew other types of coffee using standard brewing methods.

4) Some Instant Coffees Are Too Bitter

Due to the bitter taste of instant coffee, some people add sugar when using it in their French Press or Drip Coffee Makers. Coffee makers aren’t used to dissolving and spreading the sugar evenly. Sugar might stick on some parts of the coffee maker, leading to build-up and a clogged system.

5) You Need To Use A Machine To Make Instant Coffee

If you don’t have the equipment or the time and are thinking of making instant coffee in a coffee maker, it is not recommended. You must purchase a French Press that guarantees a flavorsome cup of coffee. 

How to Prepare Instant Coffee?

1. Brew The Coffee

Measure out the amount of coffee you need, typically 1.5 to 2 tablespoons per cup (although individual cups of coffee are often made using 3-4 tablespoons)

2. Stir Thoroughly In A Cup

You can always add a teaspoon of sugar or some flavorings, like vanilla. Stir well and enjoy your favorite hot beverage!

3. Pour A Cup Of Coffee And Allow To Brew For Roughly 30 Seconds.

This step is often overlooked and it makes a huge difference in the taste of your beverage. After you brew the coffee, allow it through the process for 30 seconds before pouring it into the cup. 

4. Stir Rigorously 

If you are using an automatic coffee maker, use the instructions on the side of the device. For manual brewing, it is important to stir thoroughly until the entire mixture has been stirred.

5. Enjoy!

You can now enjoy your favorite beverage. Add a little bit of sugar to it if you want it to be sweeter, but that’s up to your taste.

Instant Coffee Using French Press

When using a French press, there are some suggestions on how you can use instant coffee. Pressing is the best method for using instant coffee in a French Press. It’s effortless and renders optimal results as it controls the brewing process with ease.

A French Press will give the coffee a very strong flavor. It will provide a robust cup of coffee with a richer flavor than instant coffee.

Conditions for Brewing Instant Coffee Using French Press

You can add hot water directly to the grounded instant coffee in your French press. You can also use tap water to brew a cup of plain, brewed coffee with no additions at all. Many users prefer a cup of coffee made with hot, filtered water.

4-Step Method to Produce Instant Coffee

1. Grind The Coffee Beans

As instant coffee is usually in powdered form. This form can be achieved through grinding the beans which are then poured in the water. The rest of the work will be finalized by the coffee grinder or blender. However, prior to the preparation, steep the coffee beans in cold water for at least 4 hours before use. Use a ratio of 1 cup of water for two coffee beans.

2. Put The Ground Coffee Into The French Press

Put two tablespoons of coffee grounds and warm half a cup of water in a French press pot. Then, place it on the stove for at least 5 to 10 minutes until it starts to simmer.

3. Stir It In Hot Water 

Once the coffee starts to simmer, stir it using a spoon or a chopstick. Let the coffee remain in hot water for an additional 2 minutes. Make sure that it is boiled properly. Take it out from the water by pouring it through a strainer. 

4. Enjoy!

Tips for Making the Best Instant Coffee

1) Using The Same Amount Of Coffee Grounds As With A Regular Brew

The quantity of coffee grounds is important when making instant coffee. Measure the amount based on the number of cups that you want to make. Using as much as one tablespoon per cup is recommended when using a French press. If you are using a regular drip coffee maker, use three tablespoons of instant coffee for each cup or two tablespoons if using purified water.

2) Using Fresh Grounds

The fresher your beans are, the better your coffee will taste. If you use old beans or ones that have been in the open air for a while, you will not get the same level of flavor.

3) Using Water

Using clean filtered water can make a difference. You must use it for making coffee and other beverages. If you will use impure water, then the coffee beans won’t release their natural flavor and might end up giving a bitter taste.

4) Using The Right Grind 

Grind size matters when you are making instant coffee. The coffee grinds must dissolve in water. Ground coffee should be a coarse grind and will have a rough texture. If the grounds are very fine, they won’t dissolve quickly enough in boiling water and might end up clogging the machine’s filter.

5) Using Proper Mixing Ratio 

The quantity of coffee grounds should be as much as the amount of water. The ratio should be two tablespoons of coffee for every two cups of hot water. It’s recommended that you use filtered water to brew your coffee. 

6) Using The Right Temperature

Try using water that’s between 195 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit to get the best results. The water should be heated to a temperature that is under the boiling point. This is the ideal temperature to brew coffee.

7) Using The Right Grind For The Coffee Maker

Making a perfect cup of coffee also depends upon the selection of the right grind. Always ensure to use a coarse grind instead of a fine one. A fine grind will result in over-extraction. 


Instant coffee is a great way to have a delicious drink while in transit without having to spend too much money. However, most of these instant coffee packets are not as flavorful as those beverages made at home. 

Many people prefer buying ready-to-use instant coffee because of the convenience it offers. But, if you are a regular coffee drinker, you should consider making it at home. You can also brew other beverages such as hot chocolate and tea that require different brewing methods. 

Hope this article has provided you with ample information about instant coffee and how it is produced through machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Difference Between Instant Coffee And Regular Coffee?

A: Instant coffee is soluble in hot water and remains stable at room temperature. It doesn’t require storage and can be used while in transit. Regular coffee is made from roasted coffee beans which need to be grinded into coarse and medium-sized particles. After grinding, it can be dissolved in hot water and is stored in the freezer to prevent it from degrading. 

Q: How Much Caffeine Is In One Cup Of Instant Coffee?

A: Depending on the brand, type and how much it’s grounded, it could contain anywhere between 80 to 120 milligrams of caffeine per cup. Most popular brands have a high amount of caffeine. 

Q: How To Store Instant Coffee To Keep It Fresh?

A: Always make sure that the bottle is closed properly after using it. This will prevent any air from getting into the container and degrading it. It’s also important to store the coffee in a cool place and away from moisture. You can use an airtight container or a plastic bag to store it. 

Q: What Is The Best Way To Brew Instant Coffee?

A: You can use a traditional coffee maker with a French press or pour-over method. The latter two needs more effort but it will yield the best result. It’s important to use 2-3 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee per cup of water.  

Q: What Is The Best Way To Brew Instant Coffee?

A: If you want to brew instant coffee at home, you can do it using a French press or pour-over method. It’s important to use 2-3 tablespoons of coarsely ground coffee per cup of water. It’s best to use filtered water for an ideal taste.