How to Make the Best Instant Coffee | Recipes

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is famous in most countries of the world. This is the fastest and cheapest type of coffee as compared to others. Instant coffee is quite healthy and powerful as it contains antioxidants and nutrients. Its also considered to be beneficial for the brain, liver, and mental health. In this article, we will explain and highlight “what is instant coffee.” We’ll also discuss how to Best Brew Instant Coffee. So, let’s start.

What Is Instant Coffee:

Instant coffee is the most common type of coffee. It’s made out of the dry coffee extract. Coffee beans are extracted and dried by special concentration to make instant coffee. This is the most used coffee type in the world.

Instant coffee is available in the form of dried beans or powder. Natural concentration methods are used in the makeup of instant coffee. Spray and freeze-drying are the two main methods of preparing instant coffee. Both procedures are good in preserving the quality, taste, and natural aroma of the coffee.

How to Brew Instant Coffee:

There are many ways to make instant coffee but we are going to share, some of the best and common methods. Following are some of the best ways to make instant coffee.

1: Common/Basic Way to Make Instant Coffee:

Mentioned below is the most common way to brew instant coffee.


  • Instant Coffee one Teaspoon
  • Sugar
  • Water/Milk


  • Add instant coffee extract or powder to a cup. 1 or 2 teaspoons will be enough to make a tasty cup of coffee. If you want to make it strong then add 3 teaspoons of instant coffee as per your taste.
  • Mix instant coffee with cold water for the best taste. You must use cold water as hot water will reduce the aroma and taste of your coffee.
  • Add some sugar to the mixture.
  • Boil one mug of water in a teakettle.
  • Add boiled water to the coffee mixture.
  • Mix it well for a few seconds.
  • Mix it until it gets ready and serve it.

2: Creamy Coffee:

Following are the steps to best brew creamy instant coffee.


  • Instant Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Milk
  • Cream


  • Heat a cup of water.
  • Take a teaspoon of instant coffee in a cup and mix it with heated water.
  • Boil a cup of milk for few minutes until it gets a creamy form.
  • Add boiled milk into the coffee mixture and mix it gently for a few seconds.
  • Add sugar and serve it.
  • You can also enhance the taste by adding cream to it if you want.

3: Easy Cold Coffee:

The following is the method of brewing cold instant coffee.


  • Water
  • Instant Coffee Powder
  • Sugar
  • Cold Water/Milk
  • Ice Cubes


  • Heat some water for 1 minute to make the coffee mixture.
  • Add sugar to the coffee mixture and mix it well until all the ingredients dissolve completely.
  • You can add milk or water to the mixture as per your desire.
  • Add some ice cubes over your coffee.
  • Serve the coffee immediately after adding ice cubes to it.

Final Words

Mentioned above are some of the common ways to make instant coffee. There are some creative ways for you to enjoy instant coffee as well. For e.g. you can make a cake, brownies, smoothies, shakes, cookies, and desserts by using instant coffee.

In short, instant coffee is best known for its simplicity and swift preparation. It’s healthy, not only for the body but for the brain as well. So, if you want to have a healthy drink, then instant coffee is a must for you.