Does the Ninja Coffee Maker Make Bitter Coffee?


The heavenly taste of coffee is celebrated in every corner of the world, and its fanbase has dramatically increased in recent years. People tend to spend hefty sums of money to get their hands on the finest coffee maker, but what if the expensive coffee maker makes a unpleasant cup of coffee? The Ninja Coffee Maker has received critics for making the coffee bitter, so in this article, we will investigate every aspect in order to judge whether the claim is correct or not.   

Ninja Coffee Maker

The famous Ninja Coffee Maker, with its precise temperature control system can provide a rich flavor  and a delicious tasting cup of coffee, making it one of the most popular appliances in the coffee industry. A lot of its popularity may stem from its ease of use and how modern it looks on countertops.

The Ninja Coffee Bar serves cafe-style coffee drinks. It has a built-in grinder and makes Espresso drinks by using a bean-to-cup system. The components of the system include:

1. Touch Screen Interface 

2. Built-in Grinder

3. Extractor Fan

4. Coffee Beans Receptacles

5. Water Reservoirs and Spouts for Different Coffee Types (Cinnamon, Hazelnut, Café Mocha)

6. Espresso Filler Cap 

Does the Ninja coffee maker make bitter coffee? 

As we have stated above, it mostly depends on the coffee beans used in the Ninja coffee maker. There are claims that the Ninja Coffee Bar makes bitter coffee, and it is mostly because of the way their coffee machine works.

The Ninja Coffee Bar uses a Bean-To-Cup system which grinds up beans right before brewing. The problem is that some users have complained about their coffee tasting very bitter, and this could be attributed to three possible reasons:

1. The coffee beans are poorly ground.

2. The Ninja Coffee Bar does not reach the optimal brewing temperature.

3. The coffee is brewed at a very fast rate, which causes over-extraction of flavor from the beans (which can be made palatable if you use the right amount of water).

Other possible reasons for a bitter cup of coffee can be over-grinding the coffee beans and using too much coffee. It is also important to note that the bitter taste may be caused by a lower quality brand of coffee beans, which are known to taste terrible, unless they have been freshly roasted.

The best way to avoid making bitter coffee is to contact the product’s manufacturers. They can inform you about their brewing system and help you work out the optimum settings for your machine. 

Do we need special filters for the Ninja coffee maker?

Many people who have the Ninja coffee maker ask this question. The answer is yes, you do need filters for it. It’s like regular coffee machines, the only difference is that it has the ability to make espresso and coffee so it has special filters that are used when grinding coffee beans.

How much water should I use with my Ninja coffee maker?

Another common question is how much water you need for your Ninja coffee maker. The answer to this question depends on whether you are using regular coffee beans or Espresso beans. The amount of water needed for normal coffee is about 2/3 of a cup per serving (8 ounces). The amount of water needed for Espresso is usually about 1.5 to two cups per serving, because it has a very strong flavor.

Cost of Ninja Coffee Maker

The Ninja maker is the most expensive coffee maker on the market so far. A decent coffee maker can cost you $50, maybe even $100. A cheap one will be even cheaper. The Ninja Coffee Maker is about $150.

The difference between an average and a super-automatic coffee machine is the efficiency of grinding and brewing at its finest level. This is why it is very important to use good quality coffee in your Ninja Coffee Maker, or it will not reach its full potential and can make bad-tasting brews of coffee if not used properly.

Versions of Ninja Coffee Maker

Ninja coffee makers come in two different versions: a single cup version and a carafe version. The carafe Ninja is just like any other pot or regular coffee maker. You just fill the water reservoir, add your ground coffee, and turn it on. Your carafe will brew a flavorful cup of joe.

Single-Cup Version

The single-cup Ninja Coffee Maker is best used for small houses or for people who don’t want to wait for their whole pot of coffee. If you have a big household, though, a single-cup Ninja coffee maker is probably not going to work because you won’t be able to make enough cups of coffee in one sitting to justify its cost. The average price is around $150 for a single-cup version on Amazon.

Carafe Version

The carafe version of the Ninja Coffee Maker is very similar to a regular coffee maker. It has a water reservoir and you are able to fill it with forty cups of water. The carafe version of the Ninja Coffee Maker also has a grind-and-brew feature just like the single-cup, so you are able to get fresh-ground coffee without having to stand by the machine.

This version is more efficient. You can make a full pot of coffee at a time, but sometimes it’s quite a bit of work to clean all the different parts of the machine. You should also remember that most carafe versions have a permanent filter built right into the side of it, so you can’t put your own filters into the Ninja Coffee Maker. 

How to Make Coffee in a Ninja Coffee Maker?

Ninja coffee maker has completely made a system that grinds and brews coffee in less than 2 minutes. The simple machine is easy to use and has an automatic feature that turns on at the right temperature and grinds the beans right before brewing. The coffee grinds are of high quality which smells amazing and produces a flavorsome cup of coffee. 

Here’s how you make a perfect cup of coffee with Ninja Coffee Maker

1. Add a medium amount of cold water into the “water reservoir”. The water should be between the marked lines, ‘1’ and ‘2’. It shouldn’t’ exceed the ‘3’ level mark because the coffee will get too diluted and bitter. 

2. Open up the top lid of the coffee maker and add in the beans or ground coffee. The coffee grinder is built-in which grinds the coffee to an exact size before brewing. Grinding the beans results in a perfect, full-bodied flavor.

3. Close the top lid. The lid locks and holds the ground coffee in place. It’s also a safety feature in case of an accident. You’ll hear a click sound when the lid locks into place. 

4. Set the clock and wait for about 50 seconds to allow the coffee grinder to grind the beans right before brewing. You can also set a timer for up to 12 hours if you prefer.

5. The coffee maker will automatically turn on and heat the water to a temperature between 140 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit (or 60 to 90 degrees Celsius). If your carafe has a built-in filter, lower the filter into place at this time. If it’s not built-in, remove it from the bottom of the carafe and put it in its place directly above and on top of the brew basket. 

6. After about 1 to 2 minutes, the coffee maker will stop brewing and the lid will open up. Pour the coffee into a mug and enjoy.

How to Clean Your Ninja Coffee Maker

The machine needs to be dismantled if you want to thoroughly clean your Ninja coffee maker. But if you don’t want to do this, there are other ways to clean the internal parts and you won’t need a lot of tools.

1. Make sure the carafe is in place. Check it for leaks or loose parts regularly. 

2. Drain the water out of the water reservoir frequently. You don’t need to do this each time you use the coffee maker. It can be done after every few uses or when you notice an odor coming from your coffee maker. It would be a good idea to drain out all the water that is in place and replace it with fresh water.

3. To remove internal parts: Lift the lid on top of the machine and remove all parts other than the filter basket and carafe. Remove any filters that are built into your machine using an adjustable wrench, pliers, or even a regular kitchen knife if you have to.

4. Wash out the carafe with warm water and a mild cleaner, such as bleach or vinegar, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow the drying process to continue for a while.


The Ninja Coffee Maker is one of the best single-cup coffee makers and is a worthy competitor to the Keurig. The machine heats up fast, brews in less than two minutes grinds fresh beans right before brewing a cup and has an automatic shutoff feature. It’s easy to clean with its removable parts that are dishwasher safe. It comes in various colors and sizes for your convenience, and it’s also easy to clean.

Hope this article was informational and helped in your research about Ninja Coffee Makers and its end-products. Good Day!


Q. Is the Ninja Coffee Maker hard to clean?

A. The machine is very easy to clean because of its removable parts and the fact that it’s dishwasher safe. Also, when you are cleaning, you only need a few tools like a container or a bowl, a sponge or cloth and an eraser. There’s no need to use any special cleaner, sanitizer or other chemicals.

Q. Does the Ninja Coffee Maker make great-tasting coffee?

A. Yes, the Ninja makes a great tasting coffee with its digital timer, built-in grinder and carafe. Its finely ground beans and flavorful cream are of outstanding quality. The automatic features allow you to brew coffee at all times while studying late at night or working tirelessly in the mornings.