Wet vs Dry Cappuccino


Coffee is a beverage that has never been more popular and which more people drink every day. There are different types of coffee available, including a Cappuccino, Macchiato, Latte, Chai Latte, Hot-Coffee, Brewed Coffee, Espresso and many others. From all kinds of coffee drinks, most people like a Cappuccino. There are two basic ways to prepare a cappuccino, dry or wet. In this article, we will look at both methods in detail. 


Cappuccino is one of the most trendy coffee drinks in the world. It is a cup of coffee with frothed milk. A Cappuccino refers explicitly to the production of foam on the beverage. It comes in many different types and styles. Most people know it for its distinct foamy hot milk topping, but there are different types of cappuccino as well, such as wet and dry. The key difference between the two is the amount of hot milk used and the frothing that is applied on the top. 

The key ingredients of a cappuccino are:

1. Espresso

2. Steamed Milk

3. Milk Froth

Key Differences Between Steamed Milk and Milk Froth

Steamed milk, also known as steam-to-order milk is made fresh and without any additives and enzymes. It is stirred to ensure that the mixture becomes homogenous and is present between the layers of Espresso and froth.

On the other hand, milk froth is the layer of foam that forms on top of a cappuccino drink when it is steamed. 

The difference between these two ingredients is the production method used to produce them. Steamed milk has continuity and homogeneity, while milk froth has an irregular appearance and consistency.

Different Types of Cappuccino

Dry Cappuccino

A dry cappuccino has less foam on top than a wet one because it doesn’t contain milk. In addition to it, a dry cappuccino tastes less sweet and contains lower fat. The liquid used in dry cappuccinos is sweetened milk which contains no sugar. Moreover, the taste of this beverage is full of flavor and energy, much like an Espresso. The addition of whipped cream or sugar creates a foamy layer and enhances the taste of the coffee and milk. 

Wet Cappuccino 

A wet cappuccino contains more milk than a dry beverage and generally has a thicker taste. The topping on this cappuccino comes in foam form and has a thick layer of whipped cream and a foamy texture on top. It is sweetened by the addition of sugar to it, making it extremely delicious after each sip. Some people also add chocolate powder or flavorings to their cappuccino to get a smooth concoction with a good taste. 

Bone Dry Cappuccino

It must be a new term for many people. Some coffee shops call their cappuccino a “bone dry cappuccino.” The word “bone dry” means having no taste or any flavor at all. A bone dry cappuccino is a spearmint-flavored drink with a milder taste and it’s rarely seen in cafes.

What Do People Prefer to Drink? Wet Cappuccino or Dry Cappuccino?

Basically, a wet cappuccino has a thicker layer of milk than a dry cappuccino because the steaming process is more vigorous and intense in wet cappuccinos. A dry coffee drink, on the other hand, has less milk in it than a wet cappuccino. In addition to that, there is less creamy taste in a dry cappuccino. People prefer the type of coffee according to the taste and froth-production. 

Steps to Make a Wet Cappuccino

1. Put 2-3 scoops of coffee beans into your grinder. Grind them to make a fine powder.

2. A spoonful or two of melted chocolate on top of the dry powder will make it look brown.

3. Pour warm milk into a glass container and sprinkle a few drops of vanilla extract to make it look delicious and savory. Let it sit for 15 minutes so that the milk is warm enough before you start to pour it.

4. Pour the mixture into a cup and then put two or three scoops of ice cubes into the cup and swirl around to mix the milk completely in it. 

5. Put a small amount of chocolate syrup, butter or cream on top of the milk in your cup. 

6. Add whipped cream to it and enjoy it right now!

Benefits of a Wet Cappuccino

1. It has lots of milk that make it rich and creamy. This taste is acceptable to all coffee drinkers with milk. 

2.The calories in a wet cappuccino are more than in a dry cappuccino. It is not suitable for those who have low weight.

3. It has a unique and different taste and you can mix it with other drinks such as orange juice, milk etc. 

Steps to Make a Dry Cappuccino

1. Grind the coffee beans to make the powder. 

2. Pour warm milk into a glass container and sprinkle a few drops of vanilla extract to make it look delectable.

3. Pour sugar and add half a spoon of melted chocolate on top of it to provide a brown color.

4. Add sugar or chocolate syrup to taste and pour in two scoops of ice cubes into the cup and swirl around to mix the milk completely.

5. Add cold milk or frothy milk to your cappuccino before drinking it.

Benefits Of A Dry Cappuccino 

1. It has a lower quantity of milk than a wet cappuccino, which gives it a less cream-oriented and dense texture. 

2. It is made with hot coffee, which gives it an original taste and a good jolt of energy that will wake you up from your slumber.

3. It has fewer calories than a wet cappuccino, which makes it suitable for those on weight-loss programs.


Cappuccino is a beverage that is made with froth. It is one of the most popular drinks and is enjoyed by both coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers. It can be drunk either alone or with other beverages such as milk, chocolate syrup, ice cubes, etc. There are two types of cappuccinos on the market: Wet cappuccinos contain steamed milk while dry cappuccinos do not. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Difference Between A Cappuccino And A Caffelatte?

A. A caffelatte is a drink that is made of coffee and milk. It’s not as sweet and creamy as a cappuccino. 

Q. Is Cappuccino Water Shaken Or Steamed?

A. You have to look at how the foam is made. If it’s a steamed cappuccino, there will be froth on top. Wet cappuccinos are so-called because they contain steam from the milk that forms a froth-oriented layer.

Q. What are the different cappuccino variants on the market?

A. Cappuccinos come in different variants, such as green tea cappuccino and herbal cappuccino. The key difference between the two is based on the tea plants. Green tea cappuccino is a favorite among college students. It is made with green tea extract to give it a refreshing taste. Herbal cappuccino contains herbs that are used to improve digestion.