What Is the Starbucks Coffee Maker Called?

Starbucks was established back in the ’90s. It has become a worldwide favorite among coffee consumers, which is not hard to believe since it has now surpassed McDonald’s as the most valuable restaurant chain in the world. Starbucks coffee makers are found in over 23,000 locations throughout the United States and Canada. They make different beverages, such as Lattes, Espressos and Mochas.

This article will provide information about the company and how it transformed into one of the USA’s commercial giants through various accomplishments.

History of Starbucks Company

In 1987 Howard Schulz, founder and chairman of Starbucks, found that there were no coffee shops around where he lived. He was disappointed because he had a strong interest in Italian coffee culture and was not able to find a place to buy the coffee beans. He had already bought a coffee bean roasting machine, but because there was no demand for the product on his street, nobody wanted to buy from him and he ended up giving away his excess stock for free. 

Soon, some of his friends started to visit him and he realized that they too wanted to taste the coffee. With this realization, he opened his first Starbucks Coffee shop in Seattle. As of now, there are about 20,000 stores all over the world and they are planning on opening another 3,000 doors in the next five years.

Starbucks Journey to Fame 

Starbucks started out in Seattle, but in the years that followed it expanded overseas and now has outlets in over twenty countries. In 1996, Starbucks was ranked number one on the list of America’s most admired companies. This placed them at the top of Fortune magazine’s list for five consecutive years until 2004. 

With only a limited supply of coffee beans from which to make drinks, it was difficult for Starbucks to sustain its expansion for long. To deal with this problem, they began promoting their brand aggressively and opened new stores in countries where a strong coffee culture already existed.

Starbucks also began selling their beans in supermarkets and through mail-order catalogs. With these measures, the company became even more popular and is now one of the largest commercial brands. 

Types of Coffee Makers Starbucks Acquired

1. Thermoplan 

Starbucks acquired this coffee maker in 1992. These coffee makers are designed to brew more than one cup of coffee and they are available in different sizes. Not only can these machines brew Coffee, but they can also make hot water for tea and soup. 

2. Cimbali

In 1999, Starbucks acquired Cimbali which is a manufacturer of Espresso machines. They have partnered with Europa to produce a range of coffee makers that have been labeled as “Europa 2000”. 

3. Mastrena Espresso Machine 

Starbucks bought Mastrena in 2001. They also have partnered with La Marzocco to produce a series of coffee machines that are called “Mastrena”. This machine produces latte and regular coffee and you can use it at home for your consumption or you can operate it in a commercial environment.

4. Barattini 

In 2002, Starbucks acquired this Italian coffee maker. This device can brew up to four cups of coffee at a time with the help of its steam wand and it is also equipped with two serving spouts that are made of stainless steel. The machine also features a percolator, which is used to make Espresso and it can also brew other types of coffee. 

5. La Pavoni

In 2006, Starbucks acquired this machine that is manufactured by La Pavoni. This device can brew up to three cups at a time with the help of its steam wand and its stainless steel serving spouts that are made in such a way that they hold the coffee better when adding more milk. The device weighs 23 pounds and has a built-in heating element to maintain the right temperature for your coffee.

6. Eletta

Starbucks acquired this Italian coffee maker in 2007. This device can brew up to three cups of coffee at a time with the help of its stainless steel steam wand and its two serving spouts that can be detached and cleaned easily. The device features an automatic milk frother which is commonly used for making lattes and it also comes with a built-in grinder that is used to make Espresso.

7. Clover Coffee Maker 

Starbucks acquired the Clover Coffee Maker in 2012. This coffee maker can brew high-quality coffee because of its specialty filter which has a unique design. The machine takes an average of 3 minutes to brew one cup of coffee. Before the coffee is ready to drink, it waits for an extra minute to cool down so that impurities do not cloud the taste of the beverage. Starbucks Recipes

8. Verismo Coffee Maker 

This coffee maker was introduced by Starbucks in 2016 and has been cited as their top-selling coffee maker. This device can brew four cups of coffee at a go and it is equipped with a built-in grinder, milk frother, built-in thermometer and a water filter. This machine supports brewing options such as Slow or Fast Brew, Regular or Bold. It also entails brew strength settings that can be adjusted according to the taste.

9. One Percent de la Espresso Machine 

The latest acquisition of Starbucks is One Percent De La Espresso Machine. It is a coffee maker introduced by Starbucks in 2017 and contains many unique features to make your coffee experience more enjoyable. This machine can brew coffee with the help of its programmable options that are used to select various types of coffee. The machine can also be used to make tea and it has a hot water heater, which is an added comfort to consumers.


This is the journey of Starbucks from a small coffee bean shop to one of the largest coffee-making brands in the world. The company is continuously working to improve its products and services. They are always looking for new ways to provide their customers with great-tasting beverages at a reasonable price. In addition, they offer new drinks every year and ask their customers for feedback on what they would like to try out next.

Hope this article provided adequate information about Starbucks and its acquisitions over the years. Good Day!