What Kind of Drip Coffee Maker Is Best, Flat-Bottom or Cone-Shaped?


There are many types of drip coffee makers. These machines are used to make coffee using filtered water and coffee grounds. One type of drip machine is the flat bottom, while the other type is the cone-shaped one.  The most common type is known as “Aeropress.” This machine is usually made of plastic, and its filter holder contains a filter placed inside it.

This article will present brief information on the flat-bottom and cone-shaped drip coffee makers. We will also discuss their benefits and disadvantages.

Process of Drip Brewing

The process of drip brewing is very simple. All coffee makers need a cone or a flat bottom coffee maker to ensure no remaining grounds are present. The coffee maker must have a small hole to allow water to drip directly into the filter and leave no debris in the coffee pot.

Drip brewing is a process commonly employed in coffee-making. This process contains two parts, which are infusion and filtration. The filtration technique is used in drip coffee makers to separate the grounds from the brewed coffee. The drip machines work using a paper filter dipped in hot water and placed on top of a pot of coffee for the brewed liquid to pass through.

This process will allow only the liquid into the cup and not the remnants of unwanted components like ground or others that you cannot see or feel with your hand.

Types of Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers come in different types and shapes, the most common type of machine being the flat-bottom one. This kind of machine has a flat bottom, which allows it to sit easily on the kitchen counter. It also has a filter basket to put the coffee grounds for brewing while letting the hot water drip down as it passes through it. Another type is the cone-shaped drip coffee makers, shaped like a cone and a filter basket placed inside, letting the hot water drip down from the top part of the filter.

Flat Bottom Coffee Makers

Flat-bottom drip coffee makers have been praised for their ease of use and their convenience in making coffee. It has a filter basket with a hole that goes through it to filter the grounds at a lower pressure. In addition, it is easier to clean as the coffee maker can be taken apart to wash out the filter basket without having to remove any other parts.

Top Brands For Flat Bottom Coffee Makers 

There are several brands of flat-bottom coffee dispensers on the market. Some of the top brands are:

1. OXO 9 Cup Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is a programmable drip coffee maker with a stainless steel carafe and has a showerhead, which provides complete saturation to extract the flavor. The design is simple and can be used by anyone who wants to make delicious coffee for their family or friends.

This model of drip coffee maker has an ergonomic handle and an auto-shutoff feature. It has various options for making coffee with flat-bottom and cone-shaped coffee filters. It is also an affordable option and comes with a one-year warranty.

2. Mr. Coffee Single-Serve, Programmable Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is a programmable drip coffee maker with a stainless steel carafe that can be cleaned under running water to prevent mold and debris from gathering inside the spout. It has programmable features to set the requirement of coffee grinds and the number of cups. 

3. Cuisinart Drip Core Coffee Maker

This coffee maker comes with a stainless steel carafe that can be easily removed from the plastic base and cleaned by hand. It also has a pause function for the brewing process so that you can work on other tasks as well. Furthermore, this machine has a built-in reservoir that can be accessed through the spout for pouring without removing any part. It also has a water level indicator, which measures how much water remains in the reservoir.

Pros Of Flat-Bottom Coffee Makers 

People who enjoy their coffee made by flat-bottom coffee makers have an idea of the appliance and its functions. Some of the features include:

1. Easy To Use 

You can easily take the drip coffee maker apart and clean it easily without disturbing the rest of the machine. It has an ergonomic handle and an auto-shutoff feature that keeps your coffee fresh. In addition, you can choose from a variety of sizes to choose from, with different features and capacities for various needs.

2. Versatile 

You can take it to work and use it for making coffee while working on other tasks. It is versatile and can be used for domestic and commercial purposes. 

3. Affordable 

One of the reasons why these drip coffee makers have become popular is because they are cheaper than most other models on the market. You can enjoy delicious coffee made from filtered water at an affordable price.

Cons Of Flat-Bottom Coffee Makers 

1. Water Does Not Filter Out

The filter of the coffee maker may not be able to completely pull out all of the water, which means that you could end up with a cup of diluted coffee. The amount of water passing through the filter is also limited, at a rate of about 5 ounces per minute.

2. Not Comfortable To Use

The handle and the shape of the coffee maker are not comfortable. In addition, the filter may get clogged and stop allowing water to drip down. This will mean that it may be harder to clean the carafe since it will require a lot of work and effort, with a small amount of water passing through your filter basket at a slow rate.

3. Not Portable 

This product comes with a flat bottom and cannot fit in most car cup holders. There is no support for carrying it too. In addition, this type of coffee maker does not have an insulated jacket to keep the coffee warm. 

Flat-Bottom Coffee Filters 

There are many advantages of using flat-bottom filters in drip coffee makers. They have an easy cleanup process without any extra work needed. The filters are compatible with most machines, making them easier to use and having a perfect cup of coffee. People tend to like flat bottom filters since they have no holes and are convenient to handle.

On the other hand,  flat-bottom filters require a special filter holder to function. However, all drip coffee machines have this requirement of a special filter holder with a filter inside it. These filters are also prone to wear because they are not as durable as cone-shaped filters. They do not give the same flavor compared to a cone-type filter. 

Cone-Shaped Drip Coffee Makers

The cone-shaped drip coffee makers, on the other hand, have filters that are placed on top of coffee grounds for proper passage of the liquid. The best cone drip coffee maker has a filter basket that holds the coffee grounds. 

The water is dispensed through slits on the bottom of the basket, enabling complete saturation. Cone coffee makers have an ergonomic handle that can provide a strong and comfortable hold. In addition, it consists of removable filter baskets that can be cleaned easily. They also have a manual on/off switch and an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the unit when the coffee is ready.

Top Brands for Cone-Shaped Drip Coffee Makers

Cone-Shaped Drip Coffee Makers are available in several brands and models. Some of the top brands are:

1. Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

This coffee maker uses cone-shaped filters in its drip-coffee-making process. It comes with a removable filter basket, which is large enough to hold over 100 coffee filters at once. The filters can be rinsed in the sink and easily replaced by taking off the lid. There is an indicator light on top of this coffee maker to inform about the cleaning process. When this indicator light turns on, it means that the drip-coffee machine needs cleaning.

2. Bunn My Café MCU Single-Serve Brewer

This drip coffee maker comes with a ceramic cup with a removable lid and filter basket. This filter basket is made of stainless steel and can easily be cleaned for reuse. 

The Bunn single-serve brewer has a simple design, with a translucent glass lid. It has one-touch controls for programming the brewing process and has an automatic shutoff feature that functions upon a timer and the completion of the coffee-making process.

3. Black & Decker DCM18S Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is also a drip-coffee-making machine and comes with a cone-shaped filter that sits on top of the cup. It has a programmable operating light that indicates the machine’s workability. Black & Decker’s coffee maker is easy to use and simple to clean as well. Moreover, it comes with a self-cleaning feature.

Pros of Cone-Shaped Drip Coffee Makers 

Flat-bottom coffee makers might be the talk of the town with their affordable price and programmable features. However, cone-shaped coffee machines have numerous advantages that might propel you to use this type of drip coffee maker.

1. Cup Capacity 

Unlike flat-bottom coffee makers, cone-shaped models have a larger capacity for cups than other models available today. Some of them can hold up to 12 cups of brewed coffee at once.

2. Cleaning

Cone-shaped coffee makers have a removable, dishwasher-safe filter basket. This ensures that the brewing process is more efficient and does not require extra time to clean. This type of coffee maker also has a self-cleaning feature, which can be manually activated or programmed in the machine’s programming.

3. Better Flavor 

Compared to flat-bottom filters, cone filters enable better flavor with finer grounds than a regular filter. The grounds sit at a single point in the filter basket, and the water passes through them in one continuous direction. This improves the flavor of the coffee by saturating coffee grounds evenly.

Cons Of Cone-Shaped Drip Coffee Makers 

Apart from its advantages, this machine also possesses some disadvantages.

1. No Versatility

Cone-shaped filters are available in a single size and do not have any versatility compared to flat-bottom filters. This makes it more difficult to use them with other brands of coffee makers. Moreover, they also come with a lower capacity than other coffee makers available on the market. The cone does not have several options for the water level, which is an extra feature added by flat-bottom filters. Hence, this makes the process of brewing a cup of coffee less flexible and convenient.

2. Less Durable

The filter basket is made up of stainless steel and comes with a removable lid. As a result, this coffee maker is more susceptible to wear and tear. If you are not carefully cleaning the drip coffee maker, it might not function properly.

3. No Filtration 

Unlike cone-shaped coffee makers from other brands, this machine has a single hole in its filter basket for pouring water over coffee grounds.

Cone-Shaped Filters

Cone-Shaped Filters can easily be installed and are readily available on the market. They are made up of aluminum filter paper and come with filter rings and a basket to hold the coffee grounds. This porous filter paper needs to be replaced regularly in case the plastic begins to get rusted. Cone filters are considered the best filters for coffee makers. However, the filters have a thin and delicate texture which can cause frequent replacement issues. 

Flat-Bottom Coffee Makers vs. Cone-Shaped Coffee Makers

People often ask the question, “do I need a flat bottom or cone drip coffee maker?” The answer to that question depends entirely on the preference. Flat-bottom filters are effortless to use and people can easily filter coffee grounds by using them. You can pour hot water on top of these filters and start the brewing process. Cone-shaped, on the other hand, is slightly difficult to use as compared to the flat-bottom basket. People have to be careful while pouring water on the filter as it might overflow. However, cone-shaped filters are easy to clean and maintain and are preferred by most people over flat-bottom ones.

What Kind of Coffee Does a Flat-Bottom Coffee Filter Produce?

These filters are great for brewing a cup of coffee with flavors and aromas according to people’s preferences. The users can also reuse these flat-bottom filters to brew other beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, and iced tea. Flat-bottom coffee filters produce a strong, rich cup of coffee. If someone is not a fan of Espresso taste, then they will not like flat-bottom filters. These filters are ideal for users of dark roast coffee.

What Kind of Coffee Does a Cone-Shaped Filter Produce?

Cone-shaped drip coffee makers make less-acidic flavored coffee. These filters are best for light roasts and tend to produce a more acidic-free, delicate cup of coffee. If someone is looking for a smoother, sweeter coffee cup, they should go with cone plate filters instead of flat-bottom filters.


Cone-shaped and flat bottoms are the best types of paper filters for automatic drip coffee makers. These filters made by Bunn are priced at an affordable range and are available in many online retail stores. They are available in cone shapes and flat bottoms and can easily be installed in the machine without any issues. These filters serve a great purpose in providing a great-tasting cup of coffee. Also, these filters can easily be reused and are easy to maintain.

Hope this article was of good use to you and helped decide the type of coffee dispenser required. 


Q: Can you make flat bottom or cone-shaped filters at home?

A: You can easily make your cone-shaped or flat-bottom filters, but the best thing to do is to purchase them. You can either buy them from a local grocery store or an online store.

Q: How often should you replace flat-bottom or cone filters?

A: You should always replace these filters after every use. Don’t store the filters for a longer time, leading to either mold or bacterial growth.

Q: Which filter is better, flat bottom or cone?

A: They both have their uses depending on people’s preferences and needs. Always ensure to purchase filtered coffee grounds for your machines.

Q: How often should you clean the filter basket of automatic drip coffee makers?

A: You should always clean the baskets every time you refill them with water for an automatic drip coffee maker.

Q: Why do you need to clean drip coffee makers?

A: You need to clean the drip coffee maker every six months if you want to maintain the brewing quality of the coffee machine.