If you are looking for an affordable automatic drip coffee maker, then “Bonavita BV 1900 TS” is simply incredible. “Bonavita BV 1900TS” is an SCA certified advanced coffee maker. It has a simple but very powerful operating system. Its one-touch automatic functionality makes it a highly flexible drip coffee maker. It has advanced heat control, which helps to create a deliciously strong cup of coffee. So, “Bonavita BV1900TS 8 cup one-touch” is highly recommended to those who want to buy an automatic drip coffee maker for home.


SCA certified: 

SCA certification is awarded to only a few best-quality coffee makers. “Bonavita BV1900TS” is one of these few coffee makers which has received the SCA certification award. This award shows that this a reliable coffee maker for quality and performance.

Best tasting coffee maker: 

“Bonavita BS1900 TS” is considered the best coffee maker because of its advanced heat control functionality. This function allows you to make flavorful, aromatic coffee by controlling and balancing the temperature. Overall, this feature makes it the best coffee maker for flavor.

Easy to operate: 

“Bonavita BS 1900TS” is a super simple operating coffee machine. Its one-touch programming allows you to make 8 cups quickly and efficiently. It has an auto shut-off button which adds more ease to the operation of the coffee maker. The water level indicator and filter basket of “Bonavita BS 1900TS” are also quite convenient for use. Overall, this “drip coffee maker” is a straightforward machine when it comes to the operation of the coffee maker.