If you want to buy the best, top-rated coffee machine with a grinder, then “Breville the Barista, BES870XL” is the optimum choice for you. “Breville Barista BES870XL ” is a highly rated and efficient semi-automatic coffee machine. The burr grinder is one of its unique feature that makes it a customer’s choice. This grinder is designed to provide an aesthetic appeal and attraction. It is a quick, efficient, and rich coffee maker. Furthermore, the grinder offers a strong combination of an economical bargain with supreme quality for high-end users. A rare and distinctive feature among all coffee producing machines.


Dose Control Grinder: Breville’s coffee machine is full of amazing features. It is automatic and easily manageable with user-friendly options. One of its attribute is “Dose control” that signals the coffee maker with the exact amount of coffee that is required. Another quality of the product is the hand-free option that allows the user to automatically bring the grinder to a halt after the process is complete. This

unit has a conical burr grinder which is detachable and convenient for extracting a rich, flavorful Espresso. All these functions work collectively in making a delicious cup of coffee.

PID Control: “Breville Barista BES870XL” has a digital PID control system. This function allows you to control the temperature of water for a rich balanced taste. This function works efficiently and renders a delectable taste and flavor. The PID controls the temperature by delivering warm water with the exact quantity required. Its Thermo coil heating system controls the temperature with precision to provide a tasty cup of coffee.

Steam Wand: Milk texturing is one of the steps while preparing coffee. It is finalized with the help of a steam wand. This metallic piece of equipment blends and textures the milk effortlessly to form a thick, cloud-oriented froth for the user to enjoy the aroma and taste of the coffee.