If you are looking for a “best tasting coffee maker” from BUNN, “Heat N Brew” is the best option. BUNN products are best known for quality in each cup. This specific model is proof of that quality. BUNN Heat N Brew’s advanced technology has also earned the SCA approval. It heats as well as brews in 10 minutes. It is a highly functional programmable coffee maker. So, if you want to buy a high-quality coffee maker, then BUNN Heat N Brew is made just for you.


Advance technology: 

This model is designed on advanced level technology. Its unique ” Heat N Brew ” technology allows you to brew and heat in only ten minutes. It completes the whole process at an ideal temperatureProgrammable: 

“Heat N Brew” is a highly programmable coffee maker. Its auto-start functionality works efficiently and perfectly. You simply need to set the timer according to your need. It gets the job done quickly without compromising the flavor and natural aroma of the coffee.

Auto warmer plate: 

Auto warmer plate on “Heat N Brew” coffee maker is convenient. It turns on during the brewing process, and it turns off after at least 2 hours.

Digital Clock: 

BUNN Heat N Brew has a digital clock that allows you to set the timer according to your requirements. The digital clock adds more functionality to the performance of the coffee maker.

Water indicator: 

“BUNN Heat N Brew” has a water level indicator that indicates the level of water clearly and evidently. Water is a very important element in the coffee-making process, and this function makes it flexible for you to add the exact amount of water per your need and desire.