If you want to buy a digital conical burr grinder, then “Capresso 464.05” is a reliable option for you. This specific model delivers an optimum performance by making one of the best froth-oriented and tasty coffee. “Capresso 464.05 TS” is a digitally programmable coffee maker available on the market. It grinds at an ideal temperature for a tasty, fresh cup of coffee. With a Direct Feed technology in its system, this grinder cum coffee dispenser is a must-buy option for the user.


Automatic Brewer: 
“Capresso 464.05” is a completely automatic machine. Simply program the coffee maker and the rest will be done for you. The machine has five brewing settings to choose from. These settings allow you to select the number of cups you require. It also has a brew strength option for choosing the maximum or minimum strength for your finished product. All these settings are programmable and can be used with ease.

Conical Burr Grinder:  
“Capresso 464.05” has a conical burr grinder that minimizes the size of the beans with high efficiency. The grinder is a sturdy-built unit that entails durable internal parts for a long-lasting performance. It grinds beans perfectly for a rich, tasty cup of coffee. The grinder comes with 5 different settings for adding more flavor and taste to your cup of coffee.

Charcoal Filtration System: 
Capresso 464.05 offers a charcoal-oriented filtration system that clears all impurities, bad odor and taste from the finished product to render a tasty and fresh cup of coffee. This feature is really handy for high-end users who like to have a clear and a hygienic beverage to enjoy.