If you want to buy the “best cold brew coffee maker” for home, then “County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar” is designed only for you. It is a reliable, durable, and efficient cold brewer. We recommend it as a handy unit for first-time users.

It comes with a protective ‘kit’ and makes the best cold-brew coffee maker on our list.


Following are the classic features of “County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker”:

All-in-one kit:

“Cold Brew Mason Jar” comes with an all-in-one kit. It includes all the necessary items to make your job easier and calmer. The kit consists of a silicone seal for the filter, a heavy-duty stainless steel filter, a 2-quart mason jar, an instruction manual, and a flip cap. All these items make it a very efficient coffee maker.

Flip cap:

“Mason Jar Coffee Maker” has a very supple flip cap. The flip cap allows you to pour your coffee conveniently without any hassle. It flexibly stays close or open according to your needs. In addition, the “flip cap” lid is airtight. This feature makes it a convenient coffee maker.

Stainless steel filter:

The stainless steel filter of “Cold Brew Mason Jar” is strong, solid, and dense. It is designed from high-quality material and is unbreakable and resilient. This feature makes it a highly durable coffee maker.

Durable jar:

“County Line Kitchen” products are considered the best for durability. This particular model has a stylish, strong, and sturdy jar. It is lightweight and makes only 2 quarts. The glass jar compliments its demand job.



Overall, “County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar” is a strong and sturdy cold coffee brewer. This high-quality coffee maker is available on Amazon for only 26$.