If you want to buy an all in one coffee maker, then “Cuisinart DGB-550” is an advanced level coffee maker to ponder upon. This versatile unit performs exceptionally well by delivering a rich and tasty mug of coffee. It is an entirely automated and programmable coffee maker. It also entails a stylish flask and is available in two colors, black and silver. The black one displays grace and beauty while the silver reflects simplicity. All in all, this unit provides a high-end consumer with all features that are essential in a mixer cum grinder.


Programmable: This particular model of Cuisinart is highly programmable. The multiple functions that “DGB-550″ entails makes it an attractive coffee maker. The process of preparing coffee is a simple one. All it takes is to add the required number of beans to the unit and set the timer accordingly. The rest is on the appliance to work up a savory beverage. The ease of using this coffee maker ranks it at the pinnacle of the list.

Reservoir Cover: The reservoir cover of the unit is useful for cleaning and functionality purposes. It also allows you to fill water easily without any mess. The cleaning mechanism becomes much simpler when the cover is removed from the coffee dispenser.

Charcoal Water Filter: Another astounding feature of this unit is its power of eliminating foul smell and taste through the use of charcoal. The water used in the unit is cleansed with chlorine to disinfect it from microorganisms.

LED indicators: The LED indicators on the control panel render different characteristics. The lights display the functioning property of the machine whether its switched on or off. Apart from this, it aids in showing different programmable options.