If you’re looking for a Cuisinart coffee maker with a grinder, then “Cuisinart DGB-900 BC” is the best and ideal coffee producer for you. Cuisinart appliances are famous for their quality and functionality. This particular model is a high-quality unit that is fully programmable. With its unique attributes and specifications, it has dual functions of grinding and brewing. Being automatic makes it a more attractive and sought-out appliance than others on the market. So, this purchase would definitely instill more attraction between you and the coffee cup brewed and frothed with DGB-900 BC.


Control Panel: “Cuisinart DGB-900 BC’s control panel is based on a systematic and automated structure. It works amazingly to make a delicious, flavorful cup of coffee. The program button on the control panel renders pre-setting of the unit according to the user’s requirements. The grind control knob is also an effective option that functions to control the exact amount of beans to be used for grinding.

Strength Control Button: “Cuisinart DGB-900 BC” has a strength control button that allows the user to work out the desired intensity of the coffee mixture he or she wants to have. It has multiple options to choose from, including mild, medium and strong. On the whole, this function makes it a very versatile coffee maker.

Carafe: “Cuisinart DGB-900 BC” has a solid and durable thermal carafe. The insulated, stainless steel thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot, flavorful and fresh for hours. It has the capacity of containing 12 cups without making any compromise on taste and flavor.