This coffee dispenser is a versatile unit that comes with 10-cup thermal carafe and a stainless-steel handle. It is known for its reliability and durability. This specific model is also winning the trust of customers for its extraordinary features. It is a traditional style coffee maker with advanced functionality. The dispenser is an advanced level brewer which is fully automatic and controllable. It allows you to control your coffee maker according to your needs and requirements. With a 3-year warranty for any manufacturing defect, this unit is a must buy for high-end buyers who like to have a tasty cup of coffee throughout the day.


Following are the classic features of Cuisinart SS-20 Dual Coffee Dispenser.


Design-wise, this unit has a sturdy build and can resist sudden impacts efficiently. This machine entails a stylish and sleek look with multiple features within it. Both sizes are designed to meet up to your expectations. With its durable design, you can easily extract your favorite cup of coffee smoothly and conveniently.

Advanced Brewer

Cuisinart SS-20 coffee center has a fully automatic advanced brewer. The 24-hour brewing process works under a simple mechanism of start, self-clean and ready alert button which is very useful in making it an advanced level dual coffee maker. You can very easily control the strength of your coffee by selecting the brew strength button. The strength button ensures the level of intensity that is required in a single mug of coffee. It has a visible water window which allows you to see the exact amount of water in the brewer. Overall, it has a very innovative powerful brewer.

Charcoal Water Filter

Cuisinart SS-20 coffee center uses a charcoal water filter for filtration of water. This process is necessary for convenient cleaning of impurities and particulates. This filter removes all particles from the coffee and makes it a pure and refreshing drink. A charcoal water filter is very handy in adding flavor and taste to the dispensed coffee.



All in all, Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center is a very powerful strong dual function coffee maker. Having incredible reviews and ratings, it is available on Amazon at the best value.