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To put it simply, we have affiliate relationships with Amazon and other affiliate networks. In our reviews, you will find links redirecting you to one of Amazon’s or other eCommerce websites ( but usually Amazon). These links are called ‘’affiliate links,” and they help us fund our work. So, basically, when you click on some link and buy the product, we get a small percentage/commission. You don’t have to pay extra if you click on our links – there are no additional costs.

When we recommend a product, it’s not because we are under an obligation to do so. It’s because our evaluation and research have shown us that certain product deserves to be recommended.

Product Score – Where does it come from?

When we research products for our review, we make notes like how many searches a product is getting on Google, Amazon, Youtube, and other search platforms. We take a look at what features a product has? How many positive and negative reviews are there? And then we compare all products with each other. After that, we assign a score to a product on a 1 to 100 scale based on our data.

(All product scores available on have no relation with Amazon product ratings in any way.)