If you want to buy the best dual coffee maker, then “Hamilton beach flex brew 49976″ is a classic choice for you. ” Hamilton Beach 49976″ is a fully functional and efficient coffee maker. It gives you the option to brew a single cup or full pot efficiently and quickly. It is not only quick and rapid but is also fully programmable. 


Following are the classic features of Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Coffee Maker.


Design-wise, this unit is a compact solid strong coffee maker. It has a classic and sleek look. Its body is composed of plastic and its dimensions measure 13.7 inches length and 11.4 inches width. It stays balanced on your countertops and can be placed on any durable stand or a fixed structure. It is available in four versatile colors for you to choose from.


This machine has a flexible and compatible brewer. It only takes 3 minutes to brew a tasty fresh and strong cup of coffee. You can very easily brew a single cup or a full 12 cup carafe. The water boiling temperature is perfect for extracting a tasty cup of coffee.


It is a highly efficient and functional 12 cup carafe side. The carafe is not only stylish but is also very strong. It has an easy to grip handle. The carafe side is fully programmable and comes with an auto pause/serve, two-hour auto shut-off and timer are highly functional, quick, and responsive.



In short, it is a highly functional, efficient, and a compact coffee dispenser. This high-value dual coffee maker is available on Amazon at a reasonable budget.