If you want to buy a top-rated dual coffee maker, then Hamilton Beach Dual Coffee Maker is what you need to have for your home or office. Hamilton appliances are best known for their versatility and quality. It is a flexible and programmable coffee maker which is user-friendly and easy to handle. Its strong stainless-steel body makes it a highly durable and reliable coffee dispenser.


Following are some of the features of this versatile coffee maker


Hamilton beach flex brew 49966 is a highly flexible coffee maker. It allows you to brew coffee in just 3 minutes. Brew options of Bold and Regular provides different types of coffee according to the taste and intensity. With this two-in-one coffee maker, you can easily brew a single cup or full pot automatically. It is a flexible and adjustable coffee maker.


This machine has a programmable functionality. It has a timer which allows you to set your coffee maker accordingly. It also has an auto shut off button which automatically turns off your coffee maker when not in use. You can also choose between a single-serve or full pot option.

Versatile Carafe

Hamilton beach flex brew 49966 has a highly versatile carafe. The stainless-steel carafe is strong and durable and can withstand abrasion and wear. It allows you to make 12 cups conveniently and smoothly. Its strong body allows you to keep your coffee hot, tasty and refreshing for a long time. It also has an easy to grip handle which makes it easy to extract the coffee right in your cup.



All in all, Hamilton beach flex brew 49966 is a flexible, programmable, and versatile dual serve coffee maker. Having top reviews in ratings, it is available on Amazon on a reasonable budget.