If you were looking for one of the most aesthetic coffee makers, then the KRUPS EC322 is for you. The KRUPS EC322 is an advanced brewing coffee maker. It has an excellent taste and flavor. It comes with an impressive carafe for extracting the coffee right into the cup. It is a neat and highly efficient coffee maker.


Following are the unique features of KRUPS EC322:

Advance brewing technology:

KRUPS EC322 has advanced thermobrew technology. This unique technology allows you to brew an optimized flavor coffee in three simple steps. The showerhead design, hot water circuit, and flavor mix tube help make your coffee the best.


KRUPS EC322 is a customizable coffee device. The bold setting of this particular coffee maker provides superior flexibility. It is best in making a powerful, intense flavor coffer. It lets you make the coffee exactly the way you want by customizing the flavor.


The KRUPS EC322 is a programmable coffee maker for a fresh cup of coffee without any inconvenience. It does not make you wait for hours. The keep-warm button helps keep your coffee hot for almost 4 hours. The auto on/off switch is also handy in this regard.



All in all, the KRUPS EC322 is a high-quality coffee maker. This high-value coffee maker is available on Amazon on a cheap budget.