If you are looking for a durable, reliable pod-free “drip coffee maker,” then Technivorm moccamaster 53954 KBG is made just for you. Technivorm moccamaster products are best known for quality. They consider “durability, reliability, and efficiency” as their philosophy while producing the goods. Technivorm moccamaster KBG is truly a masterpiece of reliability, durability, and efficiency. So, if you want to buy a consistent and long-lasting coffee maker, then you should never miss out on Technivorm moccamaster 10 cup



It is considered a highly efficient ” coffee maker ” in the market. It is a single-cup, pod-free coffee machine. The “one cup” feature is what makes it a proficient coffee maker. This feature allows the brewing cycle to run quickly and efficiently. “Technivorm moccamaster cup one” also comes with a removable cup holder allowing you to place the different sizes of the cup under the basket smoothly without creating any mess.

SCA certified: 

“Technivorm moccamaster cup one” is an advanced-level brewer coffee maker. It is super reliable as it is not only SCA certified but also has an ECBC apply different tests to approve the products. Technivorm moccamaster is unique in this regard as it is the only manufactured company that has ECBC approved seal for all of its appliances. Considering this, it is a highly reliable and trustworthy coffee maker.

High-quality material: 

“Technivorm moccamaster” brand makes all of their products manually. This particular model is also built manually. High-quality, refined material is used in the production of this model. Its solid aluminum body makes it a highly durable coffee maker. It is designed carefully and wisely to make a “perfect cup of coffee”. No plastic material is used in the production of ” Technivorm moccamaster “. It comes with a 5-year restricted guarantee.